How Two Brothers Built the Top U.S. Tortilla Brand on Amazon

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It’s hard for small businesses. It became even harder during the pandemic. Which led many to shut their doors to never reopen.

However, that did not keep two brothers from success and establishing the top U.S. Tortilla Brand during the pandemic. 

The Road to Mr. Tortilla

Mr. Tortilla’s story began during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Anthony and Ronald Alcazar, brothers and founders of Mr. Tortilla, were looking for a way to bring their home-style tortillas to the world. The timing seemed like a good opportunity with the shortages facing supermarkets. However, the stores denied them.

They struggled to sell them to brick-and-mortar stores, typically getting bottom-shelf placement in the places that would carry them. It seemed impossible to compete with the big brands.

They needed a new approach.

Like many brands during the pandemic, the Alcazar brothers turned to e-commerce. Ordering groceries online was still not common at the time, but the practice saw a massive surge in the first year of the pandemic. Which meant there was a great opportunity – and plenty of competition.

But the brothers were undaunted.

“We learned digital marketing and social media on the fly and we grew 3,000 percent to become number one on Amazon,” Said Anthony Alcazar at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s CEO Summit of the Americas. 

How did they achieve this? In short: persistence. 

Becoming No. 1

After struggling to get their product on supermarket shelves, the brothers struck partnerships with the military and restaurants, constantly striving to succeed. 

However, the pandemic forced many of their partners to close their doors. This was the push that drove them to e-commerce on Amazon and their own site. 

By partnering with Amazon, they were able to offer their product to an audience that chooses the best rather than judging by shelf space. Through hard work and honest sticktoitiveness, they partnered with Amazon to become the number one Amazon seller of Tortillas in the U.S.

Need Help Marketing on Amazon?

It’s not easy to succeed on Amazon. The competition is fierce, and it takes knowledge of the platform and hard work. Which can be daunting on your own.

The Alcazar brothers had each other. You don’t have to do it alone either.  

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What is your favorite Amazon success story? 

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